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One of the biggest and most hindering challenges when it comes to creating videos is the idea. Not having an idea is a huge hurdle to handle and one that must be overcome. This is a very common issue and usually once it is resolved the rest of the process is much easier. Ideas can come from anywhere and motivation as well. Keeping an open mind and following these steps can help you get the best ideas for your future videos.


What do I need in my video?

A very important question to ask would be why am I making this video and what would I need in it. If a video is serving a purpose as an advertisement for dish soap, shooting footage of wild animals may not be the best idea. Narrowing focus by knowing the purpose of the project can really help aid in the creative process. For instance, with that same example of the dish soap one can assume that in that commercial there must be dishes that need to be washed. From there the idea of showing washing dishes can come about as well as the image of needing to clean and demonstrating the advantages of cleaning. Following this train from a simple concept can really help in the creation of videos.

What tools do I have for my video?

Another important way to help the creative process is to take account of the tools available and see what can be done with them. A chef won’t try to make a hamburger when they don’t have access to buns and a burger and this methodology can be extended to the video universe. If someone only has a phone camera and a small room there is not going to be extensive underwater footage. Knowing your restraints can help narrow down ideas. For example, with a phone camera having the perspective of a customer can be easily accomplished by showing how they order food and then how they share it with that phone’s camera. The possibilities are honestly endless even when working with constraints.

Professional help

Coming up with ideas is not always easy and sometimes even the best get stuck. This is okay because there are people that can help with this. Very often video and photo studios not only know how to get the best footage but know the best ideas for it. Reaching out to the professionals can help you develop your idea or even come up with one in the first place.

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