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Content drives a lot of social media attention in today’s day and age. The more content you have the better you generally are when it comes to brand recognition as well as advertisements. One of the biggest challenges in today’s digital landscape is creating content and then deciding which platforms to post on. Should I be creating individual content for each social media? Should I be adapting my content to make a one fits all type of approach? These are all good questions that will be answered in this blog post.

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Should I adapt my content for all social media?

One good idea when it comes to content for social media is creating one project that can encompass almost all platforms. Of course, every platform has its nuances and this can be a challenge. For instance, platforms like TikTok or Instagram favor videos that are very short whereas YouTube likes longer-form content. In these cases, it may be a challenge to adapt content. However, if you have a great short video there is only benefit to positing it almost everywhere from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. There are just some things that need to be catered to each platform like aspect ratio, tags, and other aspects specific to their respective platforms.

Should I make specific content for each platform?

Sometimes it may be beneficial to create content that is specific to a platform. This is, of course, more challenging and time-consuming than the previous method but could bring about much greater success. Every platform has different types of content that it likes to push to its users. There are also different algorithms that need to be played into in order to get successful. With Instagram versus Twitter, it is arguably much more reasonable to have videos on Instagram because of the Twitter video player being not so great. Furthermore, Snapchat favors content that is extremely short and has many layers where Facebook would be better with longer and more targeted videos. There is a science when it comes to being successful in each platform so catering content may be beneficial.

Professional Help

Clearly, there is much to know when it comes to making content for each platform. Even if you have the best videos not using the proper techniques for creation can leave that video unseen. Having professional help with content creation can help you ensure the videos are seen by all.

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