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One of the greatest advancements in the field of video and photography has been the expansion of the use of drones. Drones are basically a camera attached to a device that can fly. These devices are typically mini quadcopters or other forms of a small copter and are designed to be controlled by a user to capture photographs and videos. These drones allow for a whole range of new angles and shots to be created that really elevate pictures and videos.


Why a drone?

Using a drone provides a lot of advantages when compared to a typical camera. Firstly, a drone can fly virtually anywhere if the conditions are good. This allows for shots that would otherwise be extremely expensive or outright impossible to be captured. For instance, a camera with a crane could be used to capture a wide shot of a property or instead the drone could be used which does not need as many operators, room, and most importantly money.

Real estate

One of the best uses of a drone is for real estate. A drone allows an entire property and even neighborhood to be captured through the use of one camera. Angles that were otherwise unheard of in many productions can now be seen which really expands the quality of the video or picture. This is a tool now being used by many to really accent great features of a home such as a backyard or solar panels on a roof. These are aspects that add value to a home but are not easily seen so highlighting them through a drone really allows the buyer to know what they are purchasing and for the seller to drive their point across.

Drone operation

As with cameras, there are many different types of drones. Although drones are a relatively new device in the videography and photography department, there has been no shortage of innovations and variances in this product. Firstly, all drones need to have a trained human operator. Drones are not always easy to fly and to capture not only usable but great shots require an experienced drone operator. Secondly, there are different types of drones with different purposes. For example, some drones are designed to go fast and follow a target while others are made with little mobility and just hover over a specific area. There is a lot to know and learn in the field of drones and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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