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One of the best sources of light out there is the sun! The sun provides light like no other and can really work for your production. Sunlight is great because it is free and can really give your work a more natural and great feel. However, working with sunlight is not easy which is why a lot of things have to be considered before going out to have fun in the sun.

Filming with Sunlight

What is the issue with shooting in the sunlight?

Sunlight is great but can pose some serious issues when it comes to filming or taking pictures. The sun can blast light that is way too bright and really hard to control which can make filming impossible. Furthermore, filming against the sun can create beautiful shots but can just as easily create weird shots that just don’t look great. Remember, with the sun there are shadows, angles, intensities and more that have to be controlled. If even one of those aspects is off the entire work can be potentially ruined.

How can I work with the sun?

When you’re actually shooting with the sun, try to treat it as you would any other controlled light source. If you can, put it behind your camera, casting it directly onto your subjects. From there, if you can direct your actors or subjects to be aware of the sunlight, you can tell them to find the right angle so that they stay correctly oriented and don’t create harsh shadows on their faces. Other than this some other options are to wait for better sunlight or even work indoors if it is possible and realistic.

Professional Help

Working with the sun when it comes to filming can be complicated which is why it can be a good idea to get expert help. Professionals will know just how to frame things correctly and get the best lighting for your situation as well as your needs.

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