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Live photos are a feature that many turn off and find annoying however it may be worth your time to keep it on. Live photos offer a newer way of capturing memories and can be a fun tool to experiment with. Using live photos can be a fun way of making sure some memories are preserved in a unique way.

live photos

What are live photos?

Live photos are an apple feature and are also available on some other devices that basically take a short video before and after a picture is taken. This works very simply as the only thing needed to be done is to turn live photos on and then take a picture like normal. So as the name suggests it takes a picture and brings it to life.

Why should I use live photos?

Live photos do not take up much more memory and truly offer a great and different way of capturing a moment. Seeing what lead up to a picture and how it was taken can often be a memory better than just seeing the picture. Plus with live photos, in case there is a better frame it can be changed so that the actual picture is better. Also, live photos can be created into gifs which can then be used to send messages to people for different situations. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to live photos and there is little reason to have them off so keeping them on can be a great idea!

Professional Help

Creating live photos and montages as well as gifs from them can be a complicated task. Figuring this out can be easier with help from professionals. They can help turn the right features on and show you how to use them as well as further instruction.

Let ProAction Studio help you with your live photo needs. Check out our services that can help you make the greatest videos and pictures that yield the best results. Contact us today!

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