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Microphones are so important for filming any type of project. This is something that not many give much thought to but should because it can really make or break a video. Have you ever watched a video where you couldn’t hear voices that well or the background noise was too loud? This is most likely because of incorrect microphone use and this can be prevented by knowing how to properly use a microphone.


Why can’t I just use my phone microphone?

A lot of people when they film they just use the built-in microphones in their phones or cameras. Although they work they are not the best microphones because of their small size as well as location. Microphones in these devices are typically really small which limits them to small technologies which are not always the best. Additionally, they are located on the device which is not the best spot for a microphone to be because in most productions people are not speaking directly facing the camera. These facts combined with other issues make using a phone microphone not the best for most filmmaking.

What microphone should I use?

The good thing about microphones is that there are so many options. There are microphones that attach to phones or cameras, there are hidden microphones that go on clothes or even more. Using the right microphone can help voices be heard perfectly and using multiple can allow for audio switching. This is when one microphone output is muted but the other is not which creates a great situation for noise isolation. All in all, a microphone is a tool, and getting the right one for the right job can make your video so much better.

Professional Help

Getting the right microphone for a job can be a tough task. Firstly, one would have to know which microphone they need. Then they would need to know how to use it correctly. Instead of buying new equipment and spending countless hours learning how to use it the better idea may be to get some professional help. Professionals will know just what equipment to use as well as already owning the equipment.

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