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A common question in the world of video is why do I need multiple cameras, isn’t my phone just fine? From listening to songs in the car to elevator music, these arranged sounds have a great presence virtually everywhere. This is especially true for music in videos. Music has always had an important role in videos. From helping viewers feel a specific emotion to highlighting certain aspects of a video, music is a great tool to use in video making.


Why should I not use my phone’s camera?

Phone cameras are made to capture the best possible pictures in a fashion that is easily accessible and simple. This is why phones are so light and thin while having the functionality to be carried anywhere. With this accessibility comes a trade-off in quality and other aspects of cameras. Firstly, phone cameras are usually limited in zoom functionality. Although this is changing with cameras having multiple lenses, there is still no substitute for a specialized lens compared to a one does all option. Another issue comes with lighting. Phones usually have a flash that is really small and even though it works it is no substitute for proper lighting equipment. It is not very feasible to set up proper lighting equipment with a phone which is why a traditional camera may be a better idea.

What cameras should I use?

The big issue when it comes to using cameras that are not from phones is that there is a wide array of options and are more expensive. There are differences in lens type that go from size to zoom to aspect ratio. These are all decisions that give more creative control for the final product but can be a headache to understand. Ultrawide lenses for instance are great for shots of buildings but not the best for people. Additionally, some cameras have manual over digital zoom with there being major differences between the two.

So what should I do?

Use the proper tools for their intended jobs. Phones were not made to shoot advertising material with and high-end cameras are not made for quick simple family photos. When creating an advertisement using the proper equipment can give you an edge over potential competitors. Also, using a video service will ensure that not only are the proper cameras available but they are utilized correctly.

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