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A very underrated tool when selling something whether it be large scale commercial products or even reselling through eBay is photography. Almost all listings today have pictures to accompany it and often times have the options for around 10 pictures. These are important because they allow the customer to see exactly what they are purchasing. Photography can be the difference between a customer deciding to purchase a product. A good photograph of a product should show all the aspects of it in a way that is clear and obvious. This helps potential customers feel comfortable with what they are purchasing.

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Why is good product photography important?

Humans are typically visual creatures which means we trust what our eyes see more than anything else. A description of an item although useful does not convey as much information as a photograph does. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is true for product photography. A good way to see the importance of product photography is by thinking of an example of a product listing on eBay. A pair of shoes with one bad picture compared to the same pair of shoes with multiple good pictures will not sell as well.

What is good product photography?

Good product photography is based on the simple concept of showing everything there is to a product in the easiest way possible. This means that all angles are shown and in a properly lit area. Seeing a product in bad lighting can actually be detrimental because customers may think there is something to hide. Also, heavy editing on product photos is not always advisable for the same reason. A nice neutral background that doesn’t take away from the product also helps highlight the product as well as show professionalism from the seller.

Professional product photography

It may be the case that you want and or need professional help for product photography. Especially if selling something valuable, a good set of pictures can really be a good investment. Additionally, professionals will have all the expensive equipment such as cameras, lighting, and more already with them so you won’t have to go through the headache of not only purchasing these expensive tools but also spending your valuable time learning how to use them.

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