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An essential tool in the restaurant business is of course the menu. From fast-food restaurants to super high end dining all of these establishments have some sort of menu. This is because the menu allows the customer to see what is available for purchase and helps them make a choice. There are many different types of menus and they all have their purpose. One new type of menu is a video menu which allows for much more information than traditional pictures or text.

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What is a Video Menu?

A video menu is basically where a video is used to convey what menu options are. The advantage of a video menu is that because the image can be moving, individual menu items can be shown which helps customers make their choice. Concepts like portion sizes, how it looks like and more will now be covered by the video. This creates more trust with the customer and helps save time with answering those questions. Additionally, a video can be shown to demonstrate how the food was created which helps the customer see why the food is so great and can even make it more desirable to them.

Creating a Video Menu

There are a few different types of video menus and ways that people can view them. One way in which vide menus can be used is having tv displays that show a new menu item every few seconds. This allows the customer to see exactly what they are ordering. A similar yet different way to display a video menu is to have half a screen showing a complete menu and the other half showing a short video of what certain products are. These can all be useful in creating a more interactive and visually pleasing source of information. Additionally, some restaurants may incorporate a video menu in their physical ones by using QR code technology. They can scan the QR code and they will be brought to the video of the specific menu item. These ways and many more are the ways a video menu can be implemented.

The Perfect Video Menu

Creating the perfect video menu can be a challenging task which is why it may be a good idea to consult with professionals. They will be able to offer you all of the options mentioned here and even more to ensure that you get the perfect one. Also, they will know just how to film and frame the food to make sure it not only works with the video menu but that it looks appealing.

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