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A great way to let your customers know that you are reopening with indoor dining is through the use of a video. With the pandemic getting better in some areas there have been precautions put into place to allow for indoor dining where possible. This is good for businesses as in some places it is getting colder and sitting outside is not always viable. It could rain, be too windy, or too cold which is why indoor dining if done correctly could be a great move!

Why do I need a video?

A video is a great way to convey a message. It combines the most critical senses for a person to understand which are sight and hearing. Information like this grabs the reader’s attention much more than a simple picture or words. It is also so much easier to show something rather than describe it. Additionally, video is great because they often have replayability and are more likely to be shared. People don’t like to work hard when it is not necessary so putting all of the relevant information in a simple package is always a great idea.

What would be in the video?

The reopening video would probably encompass the fact that dining is now open inside and the necessary precautions put into place to ensure the safety of customers. People may not feel comfortable eating inside with the pandemic still occurring so perhaps showing some safety measures accounted for could help ease worry. For instance, workers can be shown cleaning the areas and special walls could also be demonstrated. There could also be a visual representation of how the dining is separated. In addition to all of this, in the video, there could be necessary information for new as well as returning customers to know such as operating hours, occupancy limits, and more. All in all, a reopening video should contain necessary and relevant information that lets prospective customers known what they need to know about indoor dining.

Professional help

Video creating is not an easy task so it may be worthwhile to consult with professionals on getting these types of videos created. Professionals will have not only all of the expertise but also the expensive equipment. They will know exactly how to frame something and get the best possible result that they can for your needs.

Let ProAction Studio help you with indoor dining reopening videos. Check out our services that can help you make the greatest videos that yield the best results. Contact us today!

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