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There are many different types of video production methods and techniques with slow-motion being one of the most basic yet effective ones. Video methods and techniques are important because they can be used to really highlight or bring new meaning to the subject of the video. This is why video making can be considered art because there are many different styles and interpretations of what can be done. Slow-motion is something that can truly elevate your video to the next level if used correctly.

slow motion


Slow-motion is an effect in video making where time is slowed down. It was invented in the early 20th century and has remained a great staple in film making. Although it is relatively old in a filmmaking sense, the slow-motion has developed and evolved into one of the most common editing tools. Slow-motion today is often done using a video program. There are different types of speeds for slow motion and an important factor here is the capture rate of the camera. The more frames the camera captures per second the better the video will look slower because it has more information to work with. Keeping this in mind can help ensure not only the use of slow-motion but a professional use of it.

What is slow-motion used for?

Slow-motion is an excellent tool for getting the viewer’s attention and focusing on a subject. Action shots are often great for slow-motion because many impressive things can happen so quickly that the human mind does not realize what is going on. For instance, when someone does a kickflip on a skateboard it looks great at normal speed but with slow motion, all of the intricate actions can be seen which makes the video look that much more impressive. Slow-motion can also be used in this sense for product videos highlighting food. Food can be assembled and cooked which then looks very appetizing in slow motion. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to slow motion and what can be done with it.

Professional help

Professionals will know just how to use slow motion and do so in the best way. There is a lot of equipment that can unlock slower motion and make the video look bigger and better. Using professionals helps eliminate the headache of buying expensive equipment and learning how to use it as well. If this sounds good to you then maybe seeking help is the right idea.

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