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Have you ever been out filming and then you look at your camera and you see the dreaded black screen? Or have you been editing something and all of a sudden you get a video corrupted error or out of storage error? Things happen when working with pictures and video which is why having spares especially when you are out and about can be so important.

What should I do with batteries?

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What should I do with memory?

Buying multiple types of storage that you can carry with you can be a lifesaver. A camera will run out of memory eventually and you don’t want to be in the position where you have to delete something. It is always a better idea to delete at home than delete in a rush. Imagine deleting something you needed or later thinking that it could have been useful. To avoid this problem it could be a good idea to use many memories and different types of them too.

Professional Help

It could be a good idea to seek professional help when it comes to needing assistance with the spares. Professionals will know just how to set up what is needed for you. Additionally, they will have all the equipment as well as knowledge of how to use that equipment.

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