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What are stock pictures? Stock pictures are from a stock photography source and are primarily used instead of capturing pictures yourself. They can be very useful but sometimes may not be the best option for a person or business. Many of the pictures that are found on a website are stock photos that were probably bought and then allowed for commercial use. With stock photos, there are a lot of interesting concepts that come into play especially when deciding if they are the right option for you.

stock photos

What are stock pictures?

Stock photography can be thought of as more or less of an online source for photos. These pictures have already been professionally taken and edited so they are of the highest quality and are available for purchase. They are purchased through a license that gives money to not only the artists that have created the photos but also the stock agencies that manage as well as advertise them. Buying the license to use them can either be a one-time fee, monthly fee, or membership fee and paying this is crucial to avoid legal issues. Using these images without proper permission can result in great legal trouble and fines as this is considered theft.

When are stock photos useful?

Stock photos can be useful if you do not want to spend time and resources on creating your own photos. Now, this can be for simple photos or photos that most professional photographers can not even make. For instance, a shot of planet earth from space is not a very easy one to obtain which is why buying a stock photo of it may make sense. However, there are many other photos that depict common scenes that can be created but have many stock photo options. These may be more attractive because buying equipment and hiring professional photographers may be more expensive than just purchasing the license to stock photos.

Should I use stock photos?

Stock photos are a great resource but it may be more beneficial to create your own photos through professional photographers. This is because you would have not only full creative control but you would also not have to worry about the license to the photos as they are yours. Additionally, hiring professionals will help you get the exact shots that you need and may put your business at an advantage because they have unique photos, unlike every other business that is using the same stock images. 

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