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One common editing tool or trick used in many videos today are transitions. Transitions in this sense are a post-production technique used in editing to connect one shot to another. This helps because many productions are often not filmed in one take or with one camera. Using transitions allows for a more coherent story as well as a more visually appealing one.


What are some examples of transitions?

There are many different types of transitions as they all serve a different purpose and new ones are constantly being created. However, there are some classic transitions that do their job really well and are used all-around film and video. One such transition is the fade in or fade out. This is when a scene turns gradually into a different color usually black or white. Fading to black shows a dramatic change that can represent time passing or completion. Fading to white can symbolize hope and that there is more to come. Another example of a commonly used transition is with wipes. A wipe is a clip transitioning to another clip by traveling from one side of the frame to another while replacing a previous scene. This unlike the fade shows a continuation of a story and this kind of transition is heavily used in movies such as Star Wars.

Should I have transitions?

Transitions can really help elevate a video to the next level and are relatively simple to implement. Almost all editing software has basic transitions and is easy to use. They can help make a video more consumable while also making it look more professional. There is a reason that these transitions are so popular and that is because they actually work.

Professional Help

Transitions can be tough and getting or creating the perfect one could be a difficult task. If this is the case then perhaps consulting video professionals may be a good idea. These experts will know just how to use transitions and even create one that fits perfectly for a video.

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