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Have you ever wondered why things go viral and how to use them to your advantage? In the beautiful world of the internet, people can go viral for almost anything. From cats to extreme stunts or clips from game shows the internet truly has an endless supply of virality. However, many times these clips can involve what is known as a trend. Learning how to recognize trends and use them to your advantage can help you go viral as well.

What are trends?

A perfect example of a trend can be the ice bucket challenge. This was a trend where people would flip buckets of ice-cold water over their heads and nominate others to do the same. This trend was created to raise money for ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Because of this trend, so much awareness and money were brought and for a great cause as well. Another example of a trend can be the mannequin challenge. This was a video where people would pretend to stay still to the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd and featuring Gucci Mane. There are loads of other examples and with the help of TikTok trends are being created faster and more frequently than ever before.

How can I use trends?

People love it when other people share experiences with them. This is why people love telling jokes and making each other laugh. If a person or a company partakes in a trend people will almost always have great reactions. Firstly, the trend gives the subject a good chance of going viral. This raises awareness in ways that even paid advertisements cant. This also creates a level of trust between the viewer and the video creator. If the video creator or subject understand trends then those who enjoy the trend will be more likely to connect with them. There is a science to trends and understanding them can help boost your online presence!

Professional Help

It could be a good idea to seek professional help when needing assistance with trends. Professionals will know just how to set up what is needed for you. Additionally, they will have the experience and knowledge of the best ways to help you achieve your goals.

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