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Using video to announce to the world that your business is reopening is a great idea for many reasons. Covid-19 has been tough for many businesses so letting your previous customers know that your business is finally ready to reopen is essential to being successful. Knowing this, there is no better way of conveying this information than through the power of video.


why video?

There are many different ways a business can announce a reopening but using video is great for many reasons. Video is the most stimulating of all the mediums because it plays on two senses which are sight and hearing. Additionally, video allows for more information to be displayed and told because there is more tools available. From creative videos or even a message from staff, using video to let the world know you are ready for business can be a great option for you.

advertising through video

Having the perfect video is not enough, getting this video to former and potential customers is arguably just as important. Through the internet, there are many different ways in which to do this. The most direct would be positing on your own digital properties such as website, Facebook page, or Youtube channel. This ensures that your loyal fanbase will see this new information. The other option is promoting these videos through websites such as Facebook or even Instagram and spending money so these videos get pushed to people who were not subscribed or following. This allows for new eyes or for people unaware of your digital presence to see the very important announcement that your business is reopening.

getting it right

A very important aspect when it comes to a reopening video is the quality of it. No one will watch a terrible and boring video and would instead just scroll past it or click off. A good video will grab the viewer’s attention and then give them the necessary message. A good way of getting this video done correctly is by employing the services of professionals. Professionals will know exactly how to frame a message and make sure it is the right one for you and your needs.

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