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Video is one of the most powerful mediums when it comes to accessibility because it works with a multitude of senses in the human body. Sound and sight are both utilized through video which makes it a great tool to inform people in two different ways. People who are hearing or sight impaired can still enjoy and use video thanks to the use of captioning, subtitles, more.


Video through hearing

People who have trouble seeing or are sight-impaired might enjoy consuming content through hearing instead. Similar to the news on the radio, video can be made in such a way where the story is still told visually but can be easily interpreted through hearing. This means that everything is explained audibly and even subtle details are also explained. This helps those who have trouble with their sight.

Video through Seeing

People who have issues with hearing or are hearing impaired typically rely more on their sight. When it comes to media the tools for dealing with this are usually either subtitles or a sign language interpreter. Both of these solutions help people understand what is going on and not only explain dialogue but also what kind of music might be playing or other not so obvious through sight details. These methods help people still enjoy and consume media even though it is not in the traditional way.

Professional assistance

Video is clearly a great idea because it can be tailored in such a way to cater to more of the population than something like pure audio or a picture. Knowing this, using video to advertise or tell a story is a good idea for spreading a message. Getting professional help with such a job can ensure that this service is done correctly and in the proper way.

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