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One popular design trend that is becoming more widely used when it comes to website design is using videos instead of pictures. Recently, websites and computers have all become powerful enough to have videos freely playing where there could be a picture. This creates a lot of unique opportunities that allow for people to get truly creative with how their website looks and feels. Sometimes a video is better than a picture so knowing when and how to use this feature can be very beneficial to your website!

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What are website videos?

Website videos in this sense are videos that play in the background, side, or elsewhere of your website. These videos sometimes do not have noise and instead are what is called gifs. These gifs can look like a video but work much better with websites because their file size is significantly smaller. This means that the website will load much faster than with an actual video.

How do I use website videos?

With such a wide category with videos for websites, there are of course countless ways in which they can be utilized. One good way that they are used is to demonstrate something such as a menu item being assembled. When looking at a website it can really help the customer and possibly persuade them to order this hamburger as they see how it is assembled. This does a few things which get the attention of the viewer, inform them, as well as hopefully persuade them to purchase this hamburger. 

Professional Help

If you need the perfect video for your website and made in the right way perhaps professional help is the right path for you. Many videographers today have great experience in creating these videos for them to be used inside of websites. They will have just the right expertise as well as equipment to ensure they create the very best videos for your website!

Let ProAction Studio help you with your website video needs. Check out our services that can help you make the greatest videos and pictures that yield the best results. Contact us today!

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