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An increasingly more popular concept when it comes to video are vlogs. Vlogs are a type of video that are basically a video blog which is where the name vlog comes from. These videos can feature anything and are often used to show a first-person view of an important event or even everyday life. Vlogs can be used for both business and personal reasons and are a great use of video!


What exactly is in a vlog?

What is inside of a vlog is all up to the creator. However, there is a basic formula that many creators like to use. Firstly, they like to set the day up by talking about what is happening, introducing people, and letting the viewers know some important background information. From there, the vlogger or person holding the camera goes about their day and shows some interesting aspects of it. A good example of this would be a person vlogging a birthday party. They could start by explaining who they are, whose birthday it is and why it is important. From there they can go on to show the event and talk to people about the birthday person. Finally, they can finish the day by talking to the birthday person and wishing them a very happy birthday.

What can I do with vlogs?

Vlogs are great because they can be used in so many different ways. One of the best ways to use a vlog is for personal use. They can serve as a great way to remember a special event. Just like the birthday example previously used this would be a memory that would be preserved forever. Additionally, vlogs can be used professionally as well. They can show what kind of culture your company has and even insight on what it would be like working there. This can then be shown to prospective employees or even customers because it helps them build trust by knowing that your workplace is a good place.

Professional Help

Creating a vlog can sometimes be very challenging. From having the proper equipment to knowing how to film, there are many obstacles that can be in your way. Sometimes it may be a good idea to consult professionals when creating a blog. They can help you edit your video and will know just how to create the very best vlog for you!

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