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The day and age of people just watching content on television is over. People can enjoy video content practically anywhere and anytime with the technology available today. Knowing this can put your advertising campaign at an advantage by targeting specific people using specific devices. For example, a person watching something through a smartphone most likely needs a cellular plan the same way that someone watching television is likely to order food. Understanding and using this information can put you miles ahead of any competitors.


What platforms are there?

There is a multitude of platforms that are available for use today. Firstly would be traditional television. Although shows have changed along with technology, television has stayed more or less constant. Secondly, are internet platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. These websites and applications are great for video and are used worldwide. Finally, there are many other platforms that are more specialized such as billboard video ads, taxi ads, and more. All of these platforms have there advantages and disadvantages when it comes to advertising. 

What platform should I be using?

This is an interesting question because each platform is unique. The biggest questions to ask are who would be watching my content and who do I want to watch my content? For instance, with television, it is important to consider that television is more popular with older people. If your product or service fits this criterion then perhaps television is right for you. However, television is limited when it comes to targeted marketing. You can not choose what demographics see your ad like you can on platforms like Facebook. This and more aspects make choosing a proper platform a challenge however if done right the rewards can be a big boost to your business.

What should I do?

A good idea may be to try each platform slightly and see what yields the best results. Another good philosophy to follow is what platform would be most effective in advertising for you and the people around you. This small sample size can be a good indicator for most people. All in all, platforms are important, and learning how to properly master them can make all the difference in the world

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